Why Get Certified

Recent Changes

Many of the recent changes in the HVAC field are due to rapid changes in technology and a growing concern for the environment. The Federal Government requires all individuals who open a system or use refrigerant designed for these systems to become certified. Lindsey-Cooper Refrigeration School offers a proctored Section 608 examination. Successfully passing this exam will allow you to work in any State in the Union, Canada and many foreign countries


1. A Type I technician primarily works on small appliances such as domestic refrigerators, window air conditioners, PTACs, and vending machines.
2. A Type II technician primarily works on equipment using a high pressure refrigerant such as HCFC-22. The equipment includes residential air conditioners and heat pumps, supermarket refrigeration and process refrigeration.
3. A Type III technician primarily works on equipment using a low pressure refrigerant such as HCFC-123 or CFC-11. These units are primarily chillers. The EPA Certification program offered at Lindsey-Cooper is designed to give the best possible chance to successfully pass all sections of the test the first time and become universal certifiedt


1. The cost of the class and test is $150.00. The class includes a helpful workbook that identifies important areas that most likely will be covered by the test.
2. ENGLISH CLASSES Training Dates :TBA or call at 972-790-7404 Testing Dates : TBA or call at 972-790-7404
3. SPANISH CLASSES Training Dates : TBA or call at 972-790-7404 Testing Dates :TBA or call at 972-790-7404 4. Training and testing sessions begin at 8:00 a.m. SHARP!
5. REFUNDS. Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be given. However, you may reschedule for a later date. No more than TWO rescheduled dates are allowed (or 90 days, whichever comes first).
6. TRAINING TIME. Approximately six hours will be allotted for the training.
7. TESTING TIME. Two (2) hours timed test (plus approximately 30 minutes orientation time.)
8. EXAMINATION TYPE. This is a closed book examination.


  • 1. LEVELS OF TESTING. There are three (3) levels or technician types available with this testing.
  • A. Type 1 - Small Appliances - up to 5 lbs. of Refrigerant
  • B. Type 2 - High Pressure Refrigerants Commercial/Residential
  • C. Type 3 - Low Pressure Refrigerants Chillers
  • 2. Each test level has 25 questions for a total of 100 on the test. You may select the technician types for which you wish to test.
  • 3. You may select this type at the beginning of the test or wait until you have studied the entire test. Please remember you will be graded only on the types you select. You will not be graded on any answers on other types.
  • 4. The test is divided into four sections. The first section contains 25 CORE questions which deal with environmental issues surrounding the impact of the Class-I and Class II refrigerants.
  • 5. The next section in the test includes 25 technical questions for Type I certification. To test for Type 1 certification you must answer all the CORE questions and all Type 1 questions. Do not answer other questions.
  • 6. The same procedure is used for Type II and Type III applicants. Each type has 25 questions. As with Type I, you must answer the CORE questions and the questions in the section for the technician type for which you wish to be certified.
  • 7. If you wish to be certified for more than one type, you must answer the CORE questions plus the sections on each certification type you want.
  • 8. To test for universal certification, you must answer all 100 questions on the test.
  • 9. To pass a particular technician type you must get at least 18 correct answers on the CORE section and at least 18 correct answers on the technical section for that type.
  • 10. The same grading method will be used for applicants seeking more than one technician type. You must pass the CORE section and each section for which you test.
  • 11. You must pass the CORE section to pass any other section. If you do not pass the CORE section you cannot pass any other section regardless of the scores you get in those sections.
  • 12. You can pass one section and not pass another. If you pass the CORE section and Type II for example, but get less than 18 correct answers on Type III, you will be certified for Type II only.
  • 13. Once certified for any technician type you will not be require, to retake the CORE questions. You will, however, need to show your next proctor your wallet card showing the technician types for which you are already certified.
  • 14. The test will be graded and certificates issued to those applicants with passing grades. These students should receive their certificates within two weeks. Students not passing any level will be so notified and instructions offered on re-testing.
  • 15. If you do not pass the test you will need to retake the sections not passed at an additional charge at a later date.
  • 16. Each additional test will cost $50.00 regardless of whether you take one section or all sections.